• Tony M.

    weight loss surgery


    I went from being down and a little depressed to now feeling fulfilled and happy in life because I had this surgery. Tony M.

  • David B.

    "This surgery has helped me become more energetic and self-confident, I actually enjoy being active and engaged with friends and family." David M.

  • Gary  

    cancer , cancer


    Gary, a 61-year-old from Spring Hill, Kansas, was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer on September 5, 2014. Gary has been fighting his cancer, which has now metastasized to his brain, alongside Drs. Stilwill and Koffman, board-certified oncologists at Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Menorah Medical Center in Overland Park, Kansas.

  • Charles  



    Charles, a 77-year-old from Lenexa, Kansas had emergency gallbladder surgery on Christmas Eve 2014. After the surgery, his physician noticed a suspicious spot on his lung during a routine CT scan. Charles, who never smoked and has been in good health, was sent home with three months of blood thinner, as the spots were thought to be a blood clot. When the spots did not go away, Charles was sent by his primary care physician to Daniel Balmaceda, MD, pulmonologist at Overland Park Regional Medical Center where a biopsy was recommended which determined the spot to be adenocarcinoma of the lung.

  • Adam & Amanda Brown

    Adam & Amanda Brown - when they experienced several medical emergencies in a two-year period, they finally found a hospital's emergency room that responded to their needs quickly, efficiently and professionally.

  • Jennifer Fastner

    Jennifer Fastner - underwent brain surgery for epileptic seizures she had experienced since she was seven days old. Treated unsuccessfully throughout her life with every medication available for epilepsy, Jennifer was growing weary of the 30- to 40-second seizures, which began to increase in frequency last summer - Jennifer was having two to four weekly. It was apparent the seizures were becoming resistant to medication.

  • Marilyn Coleman

    Marilyn Coleman - the 62-year-old is now cancer-free and thinks her victory over the disease is largely due to the CyberKnife® treatments she had at Menorah Medical Center. CyberKnife is a non-invasive alternative to surgery for the treatment of cancer anywhere in the body. It delivers beams of high-dose radiation to tumors with extreme accuracy and as the Coleman's found out, is a beacon of hope for cancer patients.

  • Sharon Sadler Frankel

    heart care , heart care


    Sharon Fadler Frankel - the 54-year-old Leawood resident experienced sporadic, mild chest discomfort for almost four weeks. "The episodes would last just a couple of minutes and then disappear," says Sharon. With no personal or family heart disease history and no prior symptoms, a heart attack was the last thing on my mind.

  • Health Turner

    Heather Turner was stuck in a rut and she couldn't get out. After giving birth to three children, undergoing knee surgery to repair a torn ACL, the stress of having a husband serving in Iraq and poor diet choices combined with lack of exercise, the Leavenworth woman was overweight and frustrated.

  • Marlene Krakow

    cancer care , women's care


    Local philanthropist and cancer survivor, Marlene Krakow, shares her story of healing, courtesy of 435SouthMag.com. She was treated for cancer by Bradley Koffman, MD, a radiation oncologist and medical director of the CyberKnife Center at Menorah Medical Center.