The Pulmonary Function Lab at Menorah Medical Center aids physician in determining the presence and/or severity of lung disease. These tests assess lung capacity by evaluating air movement both in and out of a patients' lungs and from the lungs to the bloodstream. When direct visualization of an airway is required, a fiberoptic bronchoscopy is performed which allows physicians to look “inside” of the lung, and, if necessary, obtain specimens for further testing. Excessive secretions, as well as aspirated objects, can also be located and removed from the lungs.

Menorah Medical Center's skilled Pulmonary Therapists work with our Respiratory Therapists to monitor your oxygen levels using pulse oximetry, a basic, non-invasive method of measuring oxygen levels in the bloodstream. Depending on the need however, advanced assessment of oxygen levels and arterial blood may be required. Our lung specialists (pulmonologists) provide diagnostic screening as well as comprehensive care and support to patients.

The Respiratory Therapy department at Menorah Medical Center evaluates and cares for patients presenting with breathing or cardiopulmonary disorders of an acute, chronic or lifelong nature. Our Respiratory Therapists are credentialed as either Certified Respiratory Therapists (CRT) or Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT). All CRT’s and RRT’s are licensed by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts. Though our Respiratory Therapists spend a significant amount of time caring for Emergency Department and ICU patients, Menorah Medical Center’s respiratory therapists work with our clinical staff to evaluate, treat and monitor the progress of any inpatient requiring pulmonary care.

Finally, because your home is always the best place to rest and recover our Respiratory Therapists place extra emphasis on the discharge process. Whether you have a few more questions or would like to review how to use the equipment and supplies necessary to treat your condition, our therapists will work with you and your family prior to discharge to ensure a smooth transition home. Some common pulmonary and respiratory tests include: