PET CT imagingMenorah's PET•CT illustrates hyper metabolic uptake in the axillary lymph nodes. When indicated, time-gated image acquisition allows 4-D studies to evaluate motion throughout the breathing cycle.

Our image quality is unparalleled by any other imaging device in the Kansas City region.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT) are commonly used in detecting, diagnosing and staging various types of disease, including cancer. PET reveals the body’s metabolic activity including both normal and abnormal tissue activity (tumors), while CT reveals the body’s detailed anatomic structure. The PET/CT scanner combines these two powerful imaging tools into one exam to enable physicians to more accurately detect tumors and pinpoint their precise location in the body.

Menorah’s Biograph mCT offers a new level of integrated imaging through the sophisticated integration of the first advanced high definition PET imaging platform, which gives physicians clearer pictures that improve diagnostic accuracy.

In addition, the technology offers more patient comfort. Using this system, a PET•CT scan can be performed in just five minutes as an outpatient procedure. The oversized bore and short tunnel design of the Biograph mCT , the scanner’s large open scanning zone alleviates the sense of claustrophobia some patients experience in conventional PET•CT systems. Additionally, the Biograph mCT improves patient comfort by offering unique methods to greatly reduce radiation dose exposure.

PET/CT Highlights

  • The high-definition technology delivers razor sharp images that offer uniform, high-detailed resolution across the entire field of view and provides a complete picture of what is happening in the body.
  • With an oversized bore and short tunnel, the scanner’s large open scanning zone accommodates a variety of patients and diminishes the sense of claustrophobia.
  • Fully integrated with radiation oncology services, including CyberKnife® to provide the most precise target delineation for cancer treatment.


  • State of the art image quality
  • Views the entire body in one scan
  • Scan time can be performed in as little as five minutes
  • High Definition; time of flight technology
  • Improves patient comfort; large field of view combined with a 500lb capacity table facilitates imaging bariatric patients

See our PET/CT Patient Guide for more information.