Joint and bone injuries can be painful, discomforting and at times, become disabling. The orthopedic team at Menorah Medical Center is here to give you specialized care and can provide the latest proven treatment and management options. We can ease your discomfort, relieve your pain, help you heal properly and take the necessary actions to keep your injury or condition from re-occurring in the future.

Our team is comprised of the best surgeons, nurses, orthopedic coordinators, rehabilitation specialists and other specially trained and experienced professionals. Our team is here to help patients with prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of injuries or disorders of joints and bones. We will work closely with you to create a personalized plan of care, utilizing all our resources and technology at Menorah Medical Center. Our goal is clear and concise – we want to help you heal and get back to normal daily activities in a safe manner as soon as possible.

Support Throughout Your Journey

At Menorah Medical Center, we will provide with all the resources you need to help you determine the best path for your treatment and get the results you desire for your care. If you wish, we will also communicate with your family members or caregivers about how they can best assist you and help support you in your recovery.

For example, if your surgery is joint replacement surgery, your care will commence before your scheduled surgery. Through our joint care program, you will have the opportunity to attend classes.

  • We offer a pre-surgery class with information about the surgical procedure, precautionary measures to take, your stay in our hospital, our discharge process and the care and support you will need when you are at home. We encourage you to bring a caregiver to these classes.
  • Our rehabilitation specialists offer services and education while you are in the hospital after surgery.

The caring and compassionate outpatient rehab team at Menorah will help you get back into function post-surgery.

A Diet That Helps Soothe Osteoarthritis

Food as medicine. It's a wonderful concept because it gives us an empowering and fun way -- eating -- to do something helpful for our bodies, like easing joint pain. And some day, doctors may very well prescribe exercise, medication, and a special diet to help keep people's arthritic joints healthy.

But right now, the only way diet likely enters your osteoarthritis conversation with your doctor is when you talk about losing weight. Because although there's no way to cure arthritis through food, if you are overweight, a weight loss diet may be one of the best things you can do for the health of your joints.

Still, quite a bit of promising research has shown that certain foods and nutrients may help ease osteoarthritis symptoms. More study is needed to confirm the results, but since most of the foods studied to date are good for you anyway, incorporating some of them into your diet could be a great way to support your current treatment program. And in the end, you may boost your overall health as well.

So think about your joints the next time you visit the grocery store. Here are five foods you may want to add to your cart -- and two you may want to take out:

Treating Arthritis in the Kitchen

Currently, there is no guarantee that changing your diet will help your joints feel better. But most of the foods that seem to make the most sense for joint health happen to be great for your body in other ways as well. So the decision to eat right should be an easy one.

Information courtesy of Sharecare, Inc.