Inpatient and outpatient video EEG monitoring is available at Menorah Medical Center with experienced technicians, caring staff and state-of-the-art equipment. All studies are interpreted by a specialized neurologist with advanced epilepsy and EEG training.

Video EEG monitoring is used to evaluate

  • Altered mental status / confusional spells.
  • Syncope or “fainting.”
  • Abnormal movements or convulsions.
  • Abnormal sleep behaviors.
  • Seizures that occur frequently.
  • Patients with normal or unclear routine EEG.
  • Suspected non-epileptic spells or “pseudoseizures.”
  • Whether a patient may benefit from a vagus nerve stimulator.
  • Whether a patient may benefit from epilepsy surgery.

Inpatient video EEG monitoring

  • Typically three to five day elective admission to Menorah Medical Center.
  • Private rooms and care providers familiar with the technology.
  • Anti-seizure medication can be safely withdrawn if needed to provoke a seizure.
  • The “gold standard” of video EEG testing.
  • Consultation with other physician specialists, as needed, such as internal medicine, cardiology or psychiatry depending upon the diagnosis.

Outpatient ambulatory EEG monitoring with video

  • Convenient, portable technology, which the patient wears for 48 to 72 hours.
  • A partnership with Sleep Med Digitrace provides the best ambulatory technology available, and is the only device with validation studies proving its effectiveness.
  • All studies include video and EKG data.
  • Any physician can order the studies.

Seizure Disorder / Epilepsy Resources:

Epilepsy Foundation of America
Epilepsy Foundation
The national organization for patients and families with seizure disorders and epilepsy. Free information, free counseling, and medication assistance programs are available. Local chapters also offer other support services and educational programs. The local chapter in Kansas City is listed below:

The Epilepsy Foundation of Kansas and Western Missouri
Local Epilepsy Foundation
6700 Troost Ave #316
Kansas City, Mo 64131-4401
(816) 444-2800
(800) 972-5163 - A new website for young patients and their families, helping to dispel the myths about living with seizure disorders. - A helpful resource for general information and treatment. - Information and resources regarding living with epilepsy, including a magazine publication. - Prescription drug assistance program for patients without prescription drug insurance.

Dr. Seeley

J. Michael Seeley, MD

Dr. J. Michael Seeley is a board certified neurologist with fellowship training in clinical neurophysiology and epilepsy from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Dr. Seeley has a specific clinical focus on treating epilepsy and works closely with the Epilepsy Center at Menorah.

Dr. Seeley has a strong academic and research background. He has served as an instructor of neurology at Albany Medical College and as an instructor of clinical neurophysiology at Vanderbilt Medical Center. He is also affiliated with the American Academy of Neurology, the American Epilepsy Society and the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society.