New Hi-Def, Low-Dose CT scanner now at Menorah

Menorah Medical Center is the only hospital in Kansas City to offer this revolutionary low-dose CT scanner that cuts the patients’ radiation exposure up to 50 percent. Our low-dose CT Scanner also offers cardiac computer tomographic angiography or cardiac CTA. This is the only noninvasive way to visualize the heart and identify coronary artery disease.

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Raise the bar, lower the dose

Menorah is proud to the be first and only hospital in Kansas City to bring this revolutionary low-dose CT scan technology to our patients. The imaging system drastically reduces the radiation dose to patients and is especially beneficial to children who require a CAT scan and patients who may need multiple imaging tests, such as cancer patients, and women of child-bearing age.

Additionally, physicians at Menorah can gather clarity on tumors, intermediate risk heart disease, GI ailments such as appendicitis and other conditions to deliver a high-definition, accurate diagnosis and allow patients to receive 50 percent lower dose levels of radiation.

Low-dose scan benefits

  • Delivers high-quality images while simultaneously lowering the radiation patients receive up to 50 percent.
  • Lower radiation dose helps reduce the potential risk of long-term damage.
  • Dose reduction is particularly important when diagnosing or treating children, women of child-bearing age, and patients who may need to receive multiple examinations.
  • Maximizes diagnostic confidence.
  • Innovative imaging technology enables fast scans so you can quickly examine your most challenging images without having to repeat the scan.
  • Determines appropriate treatment for commonly detected small lesions and enables the physicians to see the anatomy more clearly.
  • Enables cardiologists to see even the miniscule vessels of the heart in profound precision in a non-invasive procedure.
  • A patient at risk for intermediate heart disease can bypass going to the cath lab for testing.
  • During complex interventional cases 3D imaging provides valuable additional information.

Low Dose CT Cardiac Imaging at Menorah

Menorah’s Low Dose CT Scanner offers cardiac computer tomographic angiography or cardiac CTA. This is the only non-invasive way to visualize the heart and identify coronary artery disease. But more importantly, the new multi-detector CT scanner is capable of reducing by up to 50 percent of the radiation a patient is exposed to during a scan.

Cardiac CTA has the capability of determining the origin of the most dangerous causes of chest pain, including coronary artery disease, aortic abnormality or a blood clot in a pulmonary artery. Most people don’t realize that a stress test can only detect coronary artery disease that is compromising the coronary artery by 70 percent or greater. Most heart attacks occur from developing disease or plaque that can cause vessel narrowing of less than 50 percent. This is where cardiac CTA is the most sensitive and could have a significant influence in one’s heart health.

When a physician suspects a medical problem that is not easily detectable with a conventional physical examination, this is the diagnostic exam of choice.

Doctors can treat patients for a heart attack. But, the challenge is warding off an attack before it happens. Menorah’s scanner can help with its innovative low-dose imaging and cardiac capabilities. This advanced technology delivers what’s important to you and your loved ones: enhanced image quality and up to 50 percent less radiation exposure. When you’re looking for a safer alternative and a more confident diagnosis, come to Menorah.

If you would like to schedule a cardiac study utilizing the new low-dose CT scan, or any CAT Scan procedure, call (913) 498-7881.