Breast Cancer Prevention Program at Menorah

Our Commitment:

To reduce the risk of people developing breast cancer & improve the quality of life & long term survival for those who do.

The Breast Cancer Prevention Program at Menorah helps women understand and manage their risk for breast cancer. By gaining a more accurate estimate of personal risk, you may increase the chance of early cancer detection through an individualized screening plan. there are many factors to be considered to determine your risk for breast cancer and our medical team and genetic counselors are experienced in evaluating your personal family and medical history. During a high-risk screening appointment, you will learn about possible preventive or riskreduction strategies for you.

You may be at High Risk for Developing Breast Cancer if you have:

  • Tested positive for a gene mutation that increases risk of breast cancer development
  • A family member with breast cancer diagnosed before age 50
  • A male family member with breast cancer
  • Multiple family members with breast cancer and/or ovarian cancer at any age
  • Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry with a family history of breast cancer and/or ovarian cancer and/ or pancreatic cancer
  • Atypical cells detected during a breast biopsy
  • Previous chest wall radiation for cancer

If you met any of the criteria above, please call the Breast Cancer Prevention Program at (913) 498-7900.

How to Schedule an Appointment:

the Breast Cancer Prevention Program at Menorah offers a clinic specifically for evaluation and follow-up of these individuals. Patients may be referred for high-risk screening by a physician or may call the clinic at (913) 498-7900 to set up an apppointment.

The High-Risk Breast Clinic Offers:

  • Breast Oncologist
  • Breast Surgeons
  • Radiation Oncologists
  • Radiologists
  • Pathologists
  • Genetic Counselors
  • Nurse Navigator and educators
  • Digital Mammography
  • Minimally Invasive/Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
  • Breast MRI
  • MRI - Guided Breast Biopsy
  • Needle Localizations
  • PET/CT
  • Surgical Breast Biopsy
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Ultrasound Guided Biopsy
  • Breast Surgical Procedures
  • Cyberknife® Radiosurgery (radiation treatment)
  • Lymphedema Treatment Programs
  • MammoSite® Therapy (radiation treatment)
  • Outpatient Infusion Center (Midwest Cancer Care)