Menorah Medical Center - October 23, 2017

Haven't reached your ideal size yet? Hang in there. In fact, make a pact that you'll at least shave off four pounds.

Why? Because a new study showed that healthy weight loss, including dropping a mere four pounds, could cut hypertension risk by eight percent in middle-aged people and by 11 percent in the 50-plus set.

More is more
Of course, bigger weight loss was even better at controlling high blood pressure in the eight-year study. For example, losing 15 pounds reduced high blood pressure risk by 21 percent in the middle-aged folks. Better yet, people 50 to 65 who were 15 pounds thinner enjoyed an even more impressive 29 percent risk reduction. And isn't it great to know that a realistic mini goal of four pounds will still bring big health benefits on the road to 15? So start slimming down now using healthy weight loss techniques.

Every little bit helps
Healthy weight loss is part of the big trifecta of health habits when it comes to controlling high blood pressure. Put the full-court press on your blood pressure with these two other angles:

  • Eat healthy, fiber-rich foods for better blood pressure.
  • Start your day with a 10-minute walk. 10 minutes, here and there, helps halt prehypertension.

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