Menorah Medical Center
June 21, 2013

Kayla and Kortney Dutton

Twin sisters Kayla and Kortney Dutton entered the world at pretty much the same time 20 years ago.They did everything together during childhood: riding bikes, learning to read, playing dolls. They live together in Grandview. And last week they did something only two twin sisters would do: delivered their babies, on the same day, at Menorah Medical Center’s Family Birthing Center.

On Monday, June 10, Kayla gave birth to a healthy, bouncing boy, Jax Renfrow at 9:30 p.m. Less than 90 minutes later, Kortney gave birth to a healthy, beautiful daughter, Nevaeh. The sisters are beside themselves with motherly joy and the experience of a lifetime. 

“The Family Birthing Center always has wonderful stories, and this one really touched us all,” says Kelly Reno, RN, BSN, chief nursing officer at Menorah Medical Center.

The Dutton family isn’t finished celebrating new little Duttons. Next week Kayla and Kortney’s sister is due to deliver her son, also at Menorah Medical Center. “Jax is the first boy on the Dutton side in 13 years,” says Kayla. “Now we’ll have another one.”

Kansas City media was abuzz with the feel-good story. The new moms and babies appeared on all four local television stations in addition to a story in The Kansas City Star. CNN got into the act, too, filming a special segment with the moms—dressed in mint green embroidered Menorah Medical Center robes—gently rocking their newborns.

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