Menorah Medical Center
February 21, 2013

by Linda Friedel | Reprinted courtesy of KC Nursing News

Stacy Bersbach likes the fast pace and team work of surgery. All it took was a little training and she was hooked.

“I absolutely love it,” Bersbach, RN, staff nurse and team leader in the surgery unit at Menorah Medical Center said. “I wouldn’t do anything else. It’s always something different.” Bersbach originally considered hospice care, but opted for special training in surgery 14 years ago. It was tough, she said, but she has been there since.

“It was completely different than what you did in nursing school,” Bersbach said. “We just learned to take care of the patients after or before surgery. It was a challenge. I enjoy a challenge.”

Bersbach works in bariatric, general surgery and gynecology. As a circulating nurse she brings patients into the OR in a timely manner and remains there as a patient advocate. Bariatrics is especially rewarding, she said. Patients succeed in losing weight and go on to new lives, she said.

“People are pretty excited about that,” she said. “They are excited for a new beginning of their life, to become healthier.”

Bersbach was inspired into nursing in several ways, she said. While her sister was in nursing school, Bersbach’s father was dying from cancer. Bersbach she grew intrigued with sister’s nursing knowledge, she said. She wanted to know more. She also was impressed with the hospice nurses. The nurses who worked with her family gave them their undivided attention, Bersbach said. It made Bersbach’s family feel they were a top priority, she said.

“Dad was dying of cancer,” she said. “The hospice nurses taught us what to do. I originally wanted to be in hospice. This is what I want to do.”

Bersbach never forgot the hospice nurses. Their focus and individualized attention stuck with her through nursing school and in her professional life, she said. She promised to treat her patients with the same reverence, she said.

“You don’t realize that in just one moment you can impact like that,” she said. “You need to think about that every day.”

Bersbach appreciates nursing’s versatility and let her nieces know. She encouraged both of them into nursing, as others before her had, she said.

“You can do anything you really want to do,” Bersbach said. “It’s not just one role You can do many things as nurse.”

All the physicians want Bersbach in their room taking care of their patients, said Kelly Fehlhafer, RN, BSN, MBA, CNOR, director of perioperative services at Menorah Medical Center.

“When they don’t have her it just doesn’t go as smoothly,” Fehlhafer said.

Bersbach gets the case started on time, is very cost conscientious and provides excellent safe patient care in an efficient way, Fehlhafer said. She is a staff nurse, team leader and a preceptor, she said.