Menorah Medical Center
May 03, 2017

WHO: Female Surgeons at Menorah Medical Center

WHAT: Recreating powerful image from New Yorker magazine cover with female surgeons

WHEN: 2:30 p.m., Wed. May 3, 2017

WHERE: Park in Lot A, Enter through Entry A on Nall side of MMC: Stann Tate of MMC will escort you to room. 

WHY:  Recently a powerful New Yorker magazine cover titled “Operating Theatre” by artist Malika Favre caught the attention of Nicole Fearing, M.D., and a bariatric and general surgeon at the Surgical Weight Loss Institute of Kansas City at Menorah Medical Center in Overland Park. The illustration portrays five female surgeons, masked and scrubbed, peering down at an assumed operating table.

“I initially saw this on a Facebook physician page I follow and then on further investigation, saw many of my female surgeons across the country mimicking the pose and posting on their social media,” Dr. Fearing says. “The artist who did the New Yorker cover was quoted that her inspiration came from memories of having surgery as a child. It definitely struck a nerve with many women in the medical profession, becoming a viral sensation. Essentially, the Selfie pose over the operating table helps break stereotypes of who surgeons are—they’re not just men.”

Fearing was immediately drawn to the image as it was a representation of her in the world —she felt a sense of empowerment and unification with her female colleagues. Fearing notes that it’s hard work to break stereotypes of women in a traditionally male-dominated field. Fearing feels a part of the sisterhood of the female faces of surgery.

“I wanted to recreate the New Yorker cover immediately—it just took some time to get five busy female surgeons’ schedules to coincide,” Fearing says.

The five female surgeons pictured in their own “Operating Theatre” selfie include:

Tanyaradzwa Kajese, M.D., Surgical Weight Loss Institute of KC (middle of bottom row, with hands up)
Nicole Fearing, M.D., Surgical Weight Loss Institute of KC (right on top row)
Lina O’Brien, M.D., Colorectal Surgery Associates (left on bottom row)
Nasim Ahmadiyeh, M.D., Midwest Breast Care (right on bottom row)
Sheryl Young, M.D., Associated Plastic Surgeons (left on top row)

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