Menorah Medical Center March 02, 2016

Leap Day Babies at Menorah Medical Center

Menorah is welcoming some special Leap Day deliveries today! These new parents share their thoughts on this unique birthday, which comes only once every four years.

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Couple Prepares to Welcome Leap Year Baby

See how one Menorah Medical Center patient is planning for a special Leap Day Baby.

Meet Emilia Claire, Menorah’s Scheduled Leap Day Delivery

New Parents Molly and Shawn Nordhues wanted their daughter to have a special birthday.

Leap Year Baby Born at Menorah Medical Center

The Walstroms have exciting news to share: The arrival of one of the region’s FIRST #LeapDayYearBaby after delivering their third girl at Menorah Medical Center today. She wasn’t due on Leap Day, but her family is happy she is here and healthy.