Menorah Medical Center
May 02, 2011

by Arley Hoskin | Reprinted courtesy of KC Nursing News

Kathy and Katrina JacksonKathy Jackson, RNC, MSN, Menorah Medical Center’s director of women’s services, always celebrates Florence Nightingale’s birthday on May 12 because it is the same day as her own.

“I always say I was destined to become a nurse,” she said. The day will be extra special this year.

On May 14, Kathy will pin her 21-year-old daughter, Katrina Jackson, during the pinning ceremony at Research College of Nursing.

Katrina will receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing through Research’s partnership with Rockhurst University. Katrina also majored in Spanish during her four years at Rockhurst.

“When Katrina went to her professor, they said it couldn’t be done in four years, but she did it in four years,” Kathy said.

Katrina will be initiated in Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Society, a professional organization Kathy also belongs to. Kathy has been a member since 1981.

“It actually promotes nursing research,” she said.

Kathy said she is proud of her daughter and happy to see her following in her footsteps.

“I hoped one of my daughters would go into nursing,” Kathy said. “It’s a great career. I wouldn’t do anything else.”

Katrina said she went back and forth about career paths during high school. As a member of Raytown High School’s debate team, Katrina said she considered a career in law.

“I went back and forth between being a lawyer or a nurse,” Katrina said.

As graduation approaches, Katrina said she knows she made the right choice.

And Katrina has found a way to merge her passion for policy into patient care.

Katrina said after she gets a few years on the floor under her belt she wants to go into risk management or quality control.

“I like the rules,” Katrina said. “I just like being the boss of stuff.”

Katrina said she plans to go to graduate school,  eventually to pursue a degree that would help her in management.

But for now, Katrina said she looks forward to a new job and a life free of homework. Katrina took summer classes in order to finish in four years with a double major and she said her nursing classes required many study hours.

“I’ve never really had an honest break,” she said.

Kathy shared advice for Katrina as she prepares for her first year of nursing.

“The first year is going to be difficult,” Kathy said.

Kathy encouraged her daughter to remember to take breaks, prioritize her time and maintain healthy work boundaries.

“Take care of yourself,” Kathy said. “Self-care is the best care.”

Photo by Arley Hoskin/Nursing News Photo