Your Baby's Arrival

Prenatal and Obstetrics Care

Labor and delivery is a joyous day for you and your family. Our obstetricians and neonatologists will support you through the entire process. Every pregnancy is a new and unique experience. We have birthing suites specifically designed with comfort in mind during your baby’s birth. The obstetricians and gynecologists at Menorah Medical Center will work with you before and during your delivery to find the best method of delivering your baby, such as:

Other procedures offered include PROC episiotomy when necessary.

With our level II neonatal intensive care unit, we can immediately address any issues with your infant that may arise during labor and delivery.

After your baby is born, matching identification bracelets will be placed on you, your infant and your significant other at the time of your infant’s birth. An electronic infant security system is in place as added protection. The women’s care unit at Menorah Medical Center is a secured unit. Other measures are in place as well to ensure safety and privacy. When mom and baby are stable and rested, you will move to the quieter mother/baby unit for the remainder of your hospital stay.

While you are staying with us, you can expect:

  • Hepatitis B vaccination for your baby
  • Newborn metabolic screening
  • Optional expanded newborn metabolic screening
  • Hearing test for your baby
  • Bilirubin test for your baby
  • Optional circumcision for your baby

Kernicterus Testing

Many people have never heard of kernicterus, but it can be a great threat to newborns. Kernicterus develops out of untreated jaundice and can be easily prevented with a simple test. HCA Healthcare made a commitment to implement kernicterus testing for every baby born at an HCA Midwest Health System hospital.

Medical Screenings for Newborns: Know Your Options