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Menorah Urgent Care is now CareSpot®

Menorah Urgent Care is now CareSpot® Overland Park South. This urgent care center has demonstrated a commitment to quality healthcare for the Johnson County community since its opening in February 2011. With the transition to the CareSpot brand, this urgent care center expands its convenience and relevance to residents seeking same-day care for non-emergency situations. As CareSpot in parternship with HCA Midwest Health System, this center's patients receive the staffing benefits and expertise of a proven network of urgent care centers combined with the option to access the broader resources of a large hospital and physician system if a higher level of care is required.

When you're injured or under the weather, the only thing nicer than getting better is getting better quickly. That's why CareSpot offers you the urgent care, well care, and occupational health services you need while always keeping your convenience in mind. We offer a wide array of services including on-site lab work, diagnostics and prescriptions. But we also want you to stay healthy, which is why CareSpot is a convenient one-stop location for annual exams and checkups that are important in preventing common health issues.

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