Fellowship Program at Menorah Medical Center

The Nursing Fellowship Program at Menorah is a unique 8-week program designed to transition new graduates into professional nurses. Our staff considers nursing both their profession and their passion. We would like to share that passion with you.

Nursing Fellowship Program Highlights

Shadowing Experience
Nurses in our fellowship program will have the opportunity to shadow nurses, technicians and other hospital staff in 16 different areas of the hospital.

Tales from the Bedside
This is a unique opportunity to talk to experienced nurses from different areas of the hospital in an informal setting as well as sharing personal experiences with your peers.

Classroom Interaction
Participate in the classroom with hands-on training that will help you learn how to handle emergency situations, like a Code Blue, in a safe environment.

Fellowship Graduate Testimonials

  • "The fellowship program at Menorah really helped me with my transition to the floor. I felt better prepared to care for my patients." - Brianna
  • "This program truly helped me build knowledge and friendships. I felt more supported starting my career and felt like I was a part of a team." - Lindsay